What is Samaritan Love Mission?

The name and the ministry of the Samaritan Love Mission in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia derived from the Gospel according to St. Luke Chapter 10 verses twenty five through thirty seven. It’s about the kindness of the Samaritan men towards the fallen victim/traveler on the road side between Jerusalem and Jericho about two thousand years ago. The point is that, Jesus told the self-righteous lawyer, who sought justification from Jesus in regards to his assurance of life eternal from Jesus, to do like the Samaritan men who loved and showed mercy to the helpless and fallen victim on the road side, “Go and do likewise!”

Well, it is well known to the whole world that, most of the people in Cambodia, especially in the rural areas are like the fallen men of the Gospel of Luke who need immediate attention from everybody, especially from the Christians, who are known as the bearers of the Love of God to the rest of the world! Recently, the people in Cambodia went through much pain and suffering in the hands of their cruel dictatior, Polpot and his infamous regime. Millions of people were cruelly turtured and masacred beyond expression. So much properties were lost throughout the country. Millions of children became orphans and millions of women became widows because they lost their fathers/husbands. The pain, the suffering and the lost the Cambodian people went through under their cruel dictator and his cruel regime those years negatively affect the lives, the families, and societies as a whole even today. The ecomony of the country went down badly because of the wars it experianced in the recent past. Not only it affected their economy, but it also negatively affected the mentality of the Cambodians. This means that Cambodians as a whole have to come up a long way in order to free themselves from their past bad experiences. It also means that they need to be restored and rejuvinated in all aspects.

Been here in Cambodia since the year 2000, I had opportunities to travel to many parts of Cambodia, even to the far-flung villages. This helped me to see what’s going on here in Cambodia. In the beginning of my sojourn in Cambodia, I was very much apalled by the property of the people in the rural areas. I discovered that in many villages there were no schools, no medical or health centers, no electricity, no prper water resources, and no roads to the villages! The people’s life in the villages looked so miserable to me. This brought tears to my eyes many times. The first questions I asked myself were, “Why are the people suffering so much?” “Who is responsible for these people’s suffering?” And “Who is going to help them?” Then I prayed to the LORD, “LORD, please tell me what I can do for these hapless people. Will you please help me so that I can be a blessing to these people?” Then, the answer from the LORD came to me in a dream one night through Gospel according to St. Luke chapter 10:2, “The havest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send many laborers into His harvest.” This very dream was dramatized in my dream- An old lady came calling my name, asking me to help her to do her harvest. Of course, I helped her and finished her work. But this dream made me to turn around and do something for the needy and hapless people in Cambodia.

It took me another two years to realise this dream- MY CAMBODIAN DREAM! After two years of prayers and preparation, finally Samaritan Love Mission (SLM) came into being in the month of January, 2003 at Sihanouk Ville. God blessed SLM with many co-workers across the world, both full time and part time workers with more than 700 boys and girls studying at the 3 schools set up by SLM. SLM involves in many different kinds of ministries (education, medical, leadership training, language training, games & sports activities, development works in the villages, well digging project, toilet construction project, mini kitchen garden projects, schools, and other humanitarian works) in Cambodia and God is blessing our ministry, bringing many fruits. (To be continued)


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