Samaritan Love Mission’s Partners

At the outset, I on behalf of the SLM’s family, would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the SLM’S FRIENDS around the world! You’ve been doing such a great job in supporting SLM’s ministry in Cambodia with your money, time, prayers and wisdom, which is honorable to the LORD!

Ever since January 2003, as SLM was at it’s enfant stage, and uncertain about it’s future mission, with no permission for running the mission was obtained, without much funds to run it’s mission, and even without enough staff to work, you all have been doing a great job by giving your helping hands to SLM’s ministry in Cambodia. I rent a large and beautiful building with many rooms in CT Road in Sihanouk Ville for running our ministry. At first, I thought that I was kind of crazy to have rent such a large building, asking myself FOR WHAT? The irony was that, I was all alone living in this house in the beginning as my dear wife, Merenla was backed home in Nagaland, taking care of his ailing dad and no recidencial staff to live with me. I spent many days and nights alone, just praying to the LORD to show me the way, “Where to go from here?” I still remember the evening, I was sitting with Mr. Gilbert from the USA, at the balcony, with guitar in hands, and singing some contemporary Christians songs. That night we also prayed to God, “LORD, please fill this beautiful building with many people someday so that we will have opportunity to worship you together and serve you together!”

Now, the permission for running the mission in Cambodia was underway with the help of Mr. Hul Bun Nara, the Assistant Director of SLM, who later became my Cambodian brother, friend, and partner in the LORD! Thank God he’s still with SLM and doing a great job! Now about the SLM’s ministry in Cambodia, it was announced even in the local radio and 1000s of announcement papers were distributed among the people-TO RUN AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY in Sihanouk Ville! Many people were making inquiry at that time with much anxiety! The day was approaching closer and closer to begin the class as announced, but there were no teacher except me, and we were all worried, um!!! The day before we begun the class, I asked Mr. Nara to go with me to the Ochuetel Beach in Sihanouk Ville. He asked me why? And you know what? God had already prepared a newly married couple from England to teach at SLM’s English school for a week or so! The next day, the couple moved to SLM’s building and lived with us, ate with us and started the English class with us. The attendance was high from the first day! This couple from England were the first people to have helped and worked with SLM. Now this couple was about to leave Sihanouk Ville and I was still hunting for new teachers to replace this couple. One day, as I was going around the city looking for some white people to help at SLM, I received a phone call and told me that a white man is already looking for me at SLM. Immediately, I rushed back home and to my great surprise a very eligant-looking white gentleman from Hawaii was waiting for me at SLM. Immediately we got into business of talking-sharing our thoughts and visions for the LORD for Cambodia. He was one of the Associate Directors of YWAM in Hawaii, I was told, who came down to Sihanouk Ville, looking for a base for its in-coming mission teams. It was like a meeting between a seller and a buyer, hahahaha! He told me that a short-term mission teams from Hawaii are already in Batombong and Phnom Penh. He also told me that he would regroup the teams and make into another a third team and have it send to SLM! Perfect! the next week, the YWAM mission team from Hawaii was already at SLM, sleeping, eating, and teaching at SLM’s school. This team was the first official mission team from Hawaii to SLM. They were six in number. They did a wonderful job at SLM for a month or so. The soveinor, the First Mission Team from Hawaii left at SLM,-THE LIGHT HOUSE is still with us! May the good LORD bless this team members whereever you are!

The first mission team was followed by many others teams from Hawaii, Honololu, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, and other parts of USA one after another. Those teams that visited and worked with SLM were both from local churches and para churches like YWAM. However, despite of the origin of their mission or church, they all came with the same mind, spirit, and purpose, “To serve the LORD in Cambodia by serving the Cambodian people through Samaritan Love Mission.” Each and every team stayed, ate and worked in the SLM’s mission home, teaching English to the evening English class students, teaching children in the SLM’s morning school, visiting villages, hospitals, orphanages, and local churches. The mission teams also did lots of humaniterian and development work in Cambodia, like; distribution of polished rice, noodles, cooking oil, utensils, lunch boxes, breads, reading glasses, clothes, toys and water to the poor families. The teams also provided medical services to 1000s of people in the villages for free. Besides, the teams funded for the construction of toilets in two villages, mini children parks in two villages, and about 45 artisant wells in many villages. Besides, those noble works the teams did, they also supported some local churches in Sihanouk Ville for the construction of a Sunday school room at Christian Khmer Church, construction of a baptismal pool at AG church, construction of wells at Four Sqaure church and Christian Khmer church, and construction of a water tank at the Baptist Genereral Assembly church. The team also sponsored for the construction of a large toilet at SLM’s compound and a worship room at the SLM’s compound. Besides those good works done as a team, the team members helped lots of Cambodian people in their personal level, like sponsorinjg boys and girls for their university education, computer training and many others. May the good LORD continue to bless all the teams that have come to SLM as a team and also individually. The good works you have done in Cambodia always remain in the hearts of the people. You are always fondly remembered by all the people and the family you have touched. And finally, for your kind information, everyone is asking me, “Pastor, when is the next team coming?” and for this I have no ready answer always!!!

Finallly, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO SLM!!!! (Rev. Jonah Amer)


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