Medical Service in Seim Reap!!!

Hi dear friends!

Sorry for not being able to update on time. Simply, I was away from SLM for a couple of days and I am still on the way back home. Today is the general election day in Cambodia and I am held up up at Phnom Penh as all buses and taxis are not allowed to move around!

My visit to Siem Reap was quite awarding and meaningful as Akum, Jonny and I visited 2 villages and treated 85 patients on Saturday. As the election was at hand and the government ordered all businesses to be closed down for two days, I was told not to venture out to the villages as I might be misunderstood by different parties, but with much prayers, we just took the chance and it worked out well by God’s grace. Of course, we were held up on the check-gate for a while for interrogation. But the bottom line is that, 85 patients received medical help on this great occassion for which we are thankful to the LORD! The common sicknesses we treated were; headache, body pain, high temperature, stomach pain, skin problem, cough, physical weakness, and respiratory problem. Thanks for the West Layton AG church from the USA for the huge medical supply! In this two villages, missionary Akumba from Nagaland is taking care of some newly coverted Christians. I visited these two villages two times before and I was happy to know how these simple and hapless villagers love the LORD in a very simple way! Their favorite expression being, PREAH BODINBO which means GOD BLESS YOU! Therefore, I received so many PREAH BODINBO from those Christians in the villages. Please continue to keep these villagers and Mr. Akumba in your prayers!

I also had a chance to visit Mr. Kent at Siem Reap, another missionary from Nagaland with some medicines, fruits and words of encouragement. He was downed with some high fever, body pain and skin problem. Mr. Mang, another missionary from Manipur, India was taking care of him.

I also discover that unlike Sihanouk Ville, Siem Reap is quite warm and dusty at this session of the year. If you’re visiting Siem Reap at this time, you’d better prepare yourself well to challenge the heat and the dust. Of course, the night market looks cool!!!

Jonah Amer

July 27


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