Who is Rev. Jonah Amer?

Hi dear readers!

I know that many of you won’t even know me, therefore, at the outset, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Rev. Jonah Amer and I am from Nagaland,India. I am the founder and Director of the Samaritan Love Mission in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia. I was born and brought up in a Christian family in the remote corner of North-Eastern part of India, Nagaland. I call our family, “The Hunters Family!” Is that sounds strange? yes, sure, but it’s true! My grandpa was one of the famous warrior in his village (Kuther village) , bordering to Myanmar. He led his trained and soldiers and invated other villages around his village. Those days, our people, the Nagas were all head hunters. But unfortunately, he himself was ambushed and killed by his enemies in the other village while returning from the battle field!

My father, along with all his brothers and sisters, left his original village soon after the ruthless death of my grandpa and settled down in a village called Changki. Later, he met, courted and married his sweet heart from that village and eventually 6 children(3 boys and 3 girls) were born to him and my mom! As far as I remember, my dad was kind of a crazy hunter, for he took killing animals as sports and also as a source of thick income for feeding all of us! His neck name was “Shikari” which means “The hunter!” Whenever he had a gun and some bullets in his bag, he would never stay at home. Weeks after weeks, he would track the thick forests around the village, even went very far away from our village sometimes. The good news was that, he would never come back home empty handed! Only God knows how many thousands of animals he hunted!

Since I was a small boy, barely 7, I lived away from my parents for my parents left their old village and founded a new village called Merakiong. I lived with my grandpa and grandma; 102 and 86 years old, respectively. I grew up like a wild flowers in the thick forest. Nevertheless, God took care of me and saved me from many dangers, hundreds of times; from falling down from trees, drowning in the water, venemous snakes, prison ( I was POW for 29 days), from the cruel hands of Indian jawans during the military operations in Nagaland, and the power encounters with Satan and his spirits couple of times. During such dark and sad experiences in my life, I got to know more about God’s wondeful love towards me. In short, it’s amazing that I am still alive and kicking hard!

God also gave me wonderful opportunity to do theological studies in India and in Korea for many years. he provided the funds for my studies in ACTS in Korea (1989-91) and Chongshin University in Korea (1997-2001) The turning point came to my life when I was sent to Cambodia by Dr. Kangsung Sam, who was my mendor and friend, to teach in Kangpongsam Bible school in Sihanouk Ville, cambodia, in the year 2001(January). Luke chapter 10, verse two, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into His harvest” was dramatized in my dream one night! After 3 days of prayers, I got to know clearly that God called me to serve Him and His people in Cambodia. The same year in August, I returned back to Cambodia and taught in the same schoolfor another 15 months. However, God wanted me to do more than what I have been doing. He wanted me to be everywhere with everybody doing everything he wanted me to do! Eventually, God gave me the vision to set up SAMARITAN LOVE MISSION (SLM) in Sihanouk Ville in Cambodia, in the year 2003. I obeyed His command and set up this mission in January 2003.

You may be interested to know and involve in our ministry in Cambodia. Well, I will post you very soon for more information about the SAMARITAN LOVE MISSION in Cambodia. Please check out the mailing address:

Rev. Jonah Amer (Director)

Samaritan Love Mission, Post Box 9401,CT. Road, Sangkat 3, Mondol 2, Khan Mittapheap, Sihanouk Ville, Kingdom of Cambodia. Tel: 855 012 789 443


2 Responses to “Who is Rev. Jonah Amer?”

  1. Mike and Belinda Thomas-Hall Says:

    Hi Jonah we are working on coming back next year if you would like us to. We so enjoyed and were very privileged to work at SLM and would so love to do the same next year. We have worked out the fares and they are good at present. We have a few problems to figure out but I know our God can work them out. My son Peter too is very keen to come over to work also. We so enjoyed being apart of the SLM will be in contact soon with dates Yours in our precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ Mike and Belinda

  2. Danny Young Says:

    Hi Rev. Jonah,

    Do you have an email address so that I can contact you directly?

    Kind regards,
    Danny Young

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