Press Conference

Hi friends! The world is becoming louder and louder as the days go by. What is next after my historical trip to Preah Vihear in Cambodia? Um, a Press Conference at Phnom Penh with the national reporters and journalists! This was something I was not expecting but it happened, and it happened on Friday the 24 of April, um! On 23 April my Cambodian brother, Mr. Phorn called me up and told me that Mr. Moeng Sonn, the President of the Cambodia Civilisation Foundation (KCF) is organising a Press Conference and that my participation is neccessary in the conference. I declined immediately, thinking, it was not neccessary for me to participate.Besides, I didn’t have the time and money to go Phnom Penh. 10 minutes later, Mr. Moeng Sonn himself called me up and informed me that I should participate in the press conference. Now, I could not escape, therefore I had to accept the invitation. The next day, I took the earliest bus to Phnom Penh and arrived at the conference hall at KCF. They were still setting up the venue, therefore I cheched into a guest house and rested there for a while. At 2:20 pm I went backed to KCF center. Now the stage was set for the conference. The conference was well attended by about 9 reporters and journalist from the TV,news papers and radios along with some staffs of KCF. I was the last person to talk for which I was happy. My talk was simple; greetings, appreciation for organising the press conference, brief report on SLM’s activities in Cambodia, our historical trip to Preah Vihear for the medical service and to make assistment of the damage caused by the Thai soldiers to the Cambodian civilians on April 3rth.s attack, my own observation about the soldiers, the refugees in the refugee camp in Preah Vihear, some positive commends, and call on the Cambodian rich and the powerful people to help, to take care, and provide the needs of the poor people in general and the refugees at preah Vihear particularly. By the way, I talked through a Cambodian interpreter who did an awesome job. To me, the press conference was interesting and challenging. Besides, it was a golden opportunity for me to let my feelings be known publicly about the poor and unfortunate people in Cambodia. I was happy that I even went further by saying that the rich and the powerful people in Cambodia are not doing enough for the poor people.
Right after the meeting, everybody left the room very quickly except for a few of us for a short chatting.
I would like all the readers to please pray for Cambodia, especially for the refugees in Preah Vihear. These are the attention they need immediately:
1. Shelters for 260 families.
2. Food for around 1000 refugees
3. Clothing
4. Water
5. medicines, etc etc.


Rev. Jonah Amer
April 27, 2009



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