Children back at School!

Hi everyone!

Been such a long time! Um, SLM children are all backed at school and our school compounds are noisy and lively again! Unlike the schooling system/session in the country where I was born, brought, and educated; in Cambodia, all schools close/end academic year by the end of June. This is followed with a long summer break; at least 3 months of summer vacation. It’s pretty long, right? Right after the summer vacation, the new academic year begins in early October each year. This means that the students, the teachers and the parents have enough time to prepare for the new schooling year. Of course, this event doesn’t affect the SLM’s Evening Language Academy for it has only a week or so vacation between Christmas and New Year.

The schools at Buffalo village is in full swing with 170 children under 4 full  time teachers. Mr. Polly is the teacher-in-charge. One more class has been upgraded this year. We also appointed one more teacher from Veil Rein town. The academic year opened by the middle of September. All students have received their textbooks and school materials and set of unifrom for all new comers. The onfortunate thing is that, some senior students stopped studying to make money for themselves and their families. From last year)


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