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Visit to Kompong Trach

August 31, 2008

Hi dear reader!

It’s been such a long time again! All SLM’s ministral activities are in full swing as usual and there’s nothing new happening except for the trip some senior students and I made to KOMPONG TRACH last weekend. There were 12 of us including the driver. The senior students at SLM in my TOEFL class, decided to make a trip to Kompong Trach to explore some of the historical caves located in that area. We left SLM at 6:30 in the morning. The exploration team stopped over at Veil Rein and also at Kompot for breakfast and also for picking up some food to eat at our destination. To our ill luck, all meat stuffs were sold out in the market because just the other days there was a Chinese Festival which was celebrated all over Cambodia. Finally, the team got some food for the day. The team arrived at the destination around 11:00 am and straight away we were led into the caves by some local children and an old woman who posted themselves as the regular tourist guides there. They were explained to us about the caves.

The caves were so dark inside and kind of scarry as I have never been to that kind of places before. We used flash lights to see clearly inside the caves. However, the team members enjoyed exploring the caves. Our tour guides tried to explain to the visitors all they knew or thought about the objects/stones inside the caves. They showed us from the dragon tail, dragon body, giant tortoes, eel’s head, monkey, and general’s foot etc. Of course, what they tried to explain about what we saw had some semilarities but I don’t know if I had to believe them for they were not archeologists, hahahaha! According my understanding, they were trying to explain to us or to make us believe that those caves were a great zoo with many kinds of animals many, many years ago. But to me, it looked like many years ago, there was a volcanic erruption at this place which errupted right through the middle of a huge rocky mountain that help those caves to form with many different shapes of rocks

The children were given some tips by each of our team member. I did carry some medicines with me as I always do this whenever I go around the villages. When we made an announcement that we will have a free medical service for the people around there, almost everyone came to get medicines. They were 52 of them who were treated, including some old ladies (nuns) who were living in the pagoda by the caves. I was happy that we had enough medicines for everyone. The general sicknesses were headache, body pain, temperature, fever, caught, chest pain, physical weakness, and skin problems. Two elderly women had some women-related problem. The best thing I could do for them was to give them some antibiotics and to see professional medical doctors as early as possible.

The younger guys in our team visited some more caves nearby but I stayed in the van, exhousted after exploring the major cave and the medical treatment. You know what? Our team wanted to visit a watertfall at the end of our trip but I said, “NO WAY!” I needed to be backed at SLM as a very busy Sunday awaits us and I needed time to prepare some sermons and some medicines for another medical service at Khmer Christian Church the next day!

The bottom line is that, it was a good day with good experience. Our God is so wonderful and He created the world so beautiful with so many beautiful people on it!


Rev. Jonah Amer

August 31, 2008


Medical Service at Preah Krang (Buffalo) Village!

August 2, 2008

Hello dear friends!

Here is the account of another medical service we did on August 2nd. 2008. Last night, I went to the pharmacy and bought some additional medicines for the medical service in Preak Krang village where SLM is running a school. I packed all the medicines I needed for the medical service with the help of Mr. Rachha, an English teacher at SLM. Having got up early in the morning, I got to know that unlike other days, it was drizzling and cold in the morning in Sihanouk Ville, and I thought if this could be a sign of an approaching cold winter in Cambodia. By the way, this is already wet summer in Cambodia and it rains occassionally. Our medical team consists of Mr. Polly, my interpreter, Mr. Kevi, a new English teacher at SLM from Nagaland, a Cambodian van driver, and I. We left SLM at 8:00 in the morning. Stopped over at Veil Rein for breakfast and picking some breads and water for the patients. At 9:30 am, when we arrived at the Preah Krang village, a little more than 50 people were waiting for medical attention. After a brief introduction, straight away we started the medical service for both adults and children. Most of the cases were some common sicknesses like headache, fever, high temperature, stomach pain, respiratory problem, toothache, skin problems and physical weaknesses etc. Fortunately, I was ready with all the needed medicines and treated 50 patients in that village.

I still had some time and medicines, therefore we decided to stop over on the way and do the same thing in Samake village. The chief of the commune was very co-operative to our team. Immediately, he went around the village and announced about the free medical service. In few minutes time, more than 50 people gathered together for medical attention. As in the Preah krang village, the patients had the similar sicknesses. Straight away, we started giving away the medicines to the patients; to 53 patients. As usual, our team received lots of PREAH BODINBO, which means “God bless you!” from the patients.

I would like to thank the mission team from the West Layton AG church from the USA for the huge amount of medicines you left with SLM last January when the team visited SLM. May the good LORD bless the members of the same church!

This is also for the readers’ information that SLM has treated around 7000 patients in the last 6 years of its ministry in Cambodia for free. If anybody wants such service or wants to donate medicines, please contact 855 012 789 443. Thanking you again!

Rev. Jonah Amer

August 2, 2008