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Cambodia (Present situation)

July 20, 2008

Hi dear readers!

This is just for your information that Cambodia is going through two important events at the moment. (1) The general election will be helt on the 27th of this month. Therefore serious campaign is going on everywhere in Cambodia. This is the time we have to keep ourselves low and inside, specially in the night time. (2) There’s a tension buidup between Thailand and Cambodia due to the long time border issue and for an old Hindu temple. Both the countries are claiming that it belonged to them. Let’s keep this in our prayers so that the tension won’t be escalated!


Away from Home!

July 20, 2008

Hi dear readers!

I have been away from SLM for a week or so. Made a trip to Cambodia-Vietnam border to apply for a re-entry and working visa for one, Mr. Kevi at SLM from India. The trip was a fun but getting working visa for Mr. Kevi was never easy! Fortunately, Mr. Nara, the Assiatant Director of SLM who is a Cambodian high ranking government offical was also with us. And with his help, we could obtained the re-entry/working visa for Mr. kevi. This is for your kind information, unlike the other years, the Cambodian government made a new law to give only 1 month visa on arrival; before it was three months. Which means that after one month, all the applicants for the working/business visa can apply for one year visa. But make it sure that you get the business/working visa status if you are planning to stay longer in cambodia. The bottom line is that, Mr. Kevi got a working visa. Talk with you guys later!


Jonah Amer

Welcome to the official blog of the Samaritan Love Mission in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia!

July 3, 2008

Hello dear friends of SLM around the world! On this blog, you are most welcome to read about the ongoing ministry of Samaritan Love Mission (SLM) in Cambodia, get more information about our activities, and to particpate in praying for our ministry.

Rev. Jonah Amer, the Director of the Samaritan Love Mission and its staffs heartily welcome all readers to share your thoughts to us, give your words of encouragement, share your prayer needs, and generously donate towards the upliftment of the poor children in Cambodia and for the glory of  God!